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Sorry for the late review on the new Feotus album Hide. I thought I was going to get it for Christmas so I waited and then did not get it! I ordered it after Christmas and it came in the mail today. This won't be a complete review as I have only listened to it one time through, but it may give you an idea of my first impressions. I will go track by track.

Track 1. Cosmetics. Huge sound, reminds me a bit of early Liabach. Operatic vocals, a militant symphony of sound. It might be the best song on the album. It is a long song at over 8 minutes. This does not sound much like other Foetus songs, more like Steroid Maximus plus vocals (female vocals at that). This song is also sang by Abby Fisher, she sings on half of the songs on this album. One interesting thing with this song is that it sounds almost like two songs, at about the 5 minute mark there is a bit of silence and then it restarts and does not sound the same song as what was playing previously, it works, but has the feel of a movie/play changing as an event occurs.

Track 2. Paper Slippers. After the huge sound of cosmetics, the simple piano and distorted vocals of this song seems too tame. Taken by itself it is a good song and it does build up by the end of the song. I really like use of the snare drum.

Track 3. Stood Up. Sounds like recent Foetus. I found this song to be a bit whiny in the vocals and lyrics. I really liked a few of the sounds inserted into the song along with the orchestral sounds that have are a staple of Foetus music, there are a few more less traditional noises that make quick appearances.

Track 4. Here Comes the Rain. Slower song. Reminds me a bit of Mon Agonie Douce from Love. This song will take a bit of getting used to.

Track 5. Oilfields. Haunting sound, heavy bass, lyrics are dark and touch on religion which is unusual for Foetus. This song goes back to sounding like he is writing a musical or opera.

Track 6. Concrete. Noisier then the rest of the album, kind of reminds me of a Neubauten songs opening but then doesn't go anywhere. On the whole this sounds incomplete and maybe reminiscent of a Nurse With Wound song in its in-cohesiveness.

Track 7. The ballad of Sisyphus T. Jones. I like this song, it is pulsing and intense and then goes into a traditional spaghetti western sound in the middle, like a Foetus mash up of Foetus and Wall of Voodoo. Then it goes back into soundtrack mode, then into a militant march before going back to the spaghetti western. The way I am describing this song makes it sound like a hot mess, but it actually all works together pretty well.

Track 8. Fortitude Vincemus. 45 second song. Highly operatic.

Track 9. You're Trying to Break Me. Growling vocals and a sound much like “how to vibrate”.

Track 10. O Putrid Sun. Slow. Lots of violin. Picks up towards the end. On first listen I am having trouble understanding the lyrics.

Overall I think this album seems a little hit or miss so far. However, the songs I consider misses may grow on me with time. If you don't really like anything since Nail, this is not for you. If you like Love and Steroid Maximus then you will like this album.
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