Uncle Fester (deadpansev) wrote in foetus,
Uncle Fester

Venture Bros soundtrack on Youtube

Last April I posted that I received the LP instead of the CD for the Venture brothers soundtrack. I ended up keeping the vinyl record, but using a USB turntable to record it onto my computer. This was a workable solution, even though recording from the turntable is a bit of a pain in the butt. I still recommend ordering the CD, however, because the MP3 downloads you get when you buy the album are 4 songs that are supposedly the missing songs from the album, but two of the four were really songs already on the album.

The other day I noticed that someone has posted all of the songs to Youtube. So enjoy, if you want to hear all of the songs, just search for JG Thirwell on Youtube and they all come up. Here is "In a Spaceage Mood":

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