Uncle Fester (deadpansev) wrote in foetus,
Uncle Fester

Coupon for full download or just the missing tracks on LP?

Hey can anyone help me out here? I ordered the Venture Bros soundtrack and I thought I ordered the CD, however when it arrived I had been sent the LP. I already have a shit load of vinyl that I never listen to and really would have preferred the CD. However, I do have a record player and could listen to the LP if I wanted.

Here is the dilemma: I could open the record and listen to it as a record and download the album in digital format to play on my computer, etc. (the way I play all of my music these days) or I could return the album and exchange it for the CD. The original press release said that if you bought the LP you would get a coupon to download the album for free. However, I read a review of this album where the reviewer said that even though the whole album was promised for download, the reality was that she was only able to download the four tracks that are missing from the LP, but are included on the CD. Has anyone had experience with this and what is the real story here? I am willing to keep the LP if I can get a full digital copy in MP3 format that I can put on my MP3 player and my computer, but if it is a crappy secure WMA or a partial album or something else funky than I would prefer to send the album back and get the CD which I can copy to my MP3 player and computer.
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