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Venture Brothers soundtrack album being released

Received this and am reposting because it is great news. I am looking forward to getting this in my hands:

The long awaited Venture Brothers soundtrack album, by JG Thirlwell, will be released by Williams Street Records on March 24 2009.
It will be available on CD, vinyl and download.
Pre-order is up now; the album ships on March 24.

The CD will only be available from the Williams Street online shop. Why?
The vinyl, however, will be available in retail! What?

The Venture Brothers is a hit cartoon series aired on Adult Swim / Cartoon Network. The pieces on the album are reworked and drawn from the first three seasons of the show.
This album is blistering.
If you dig Steroid Maximus and Foetus, you are probably going to love this album!

The track listing is as follows -

1. Brock Graveside
2. Tuff
3. Tensssacts
4. 13 BigMon / Boys as Transformers
5. Node Wrestling
6. Thunder-Bro
7. Damion
8. Assclamp!
9. Mississippi Noir
10. VB1 Spag
11. Bolly
12. Gawker
13. Descension
14. Warped Carousel
15. Sexy Sultry
16. In a spaceage Mood
17. X1 Krashi / woozzy
18. Warped Span
19. Fumblestealth
20. VB Theme

The vinyl omits four tracks to provide great sound fidelity; however it should come with a coupon giving the purchaser access to a free download of the album.


Also I am sorry about the Spam that keeps being posted. I check LJ everyday so I will get it deleted promptly if it happens again.
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